Congratulations to Lancaster County performing artists! recognizes local talent in annual awards.

At Alan H Cherkin Real Estate Inc. we know It takes a lot of talent to create a prosperous community. Lancaster County residents know how blessed we are with the many gifts we have been given. Our beautiful landscape combined with a thriving business community create a unique lifestyle for those who live here.

We are also blessed with a thriving arts community where talent that is often found in New York Los Angeles or Philadelphia is right here at our doorstep. Alan H Cherkin Real Estate Incorporated proudly supports the arts in Lancaster County and wants to congratulate all those performing artists and organizations honored in this year’s Broadway World Awards.

Alan recognizes the importance of the Arts in determining the quality of life in any community and the contribution that the arts make to a greater society. Again, great job everyone and we look forward to great things for our community in the future.

Again, way to go Lancaster!